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At the Aug 27 Council meeting, Papakura Mayor David Buist successfully managed to have Council revoke an earlier decision to grant $500 to Papakura Water Pressure Group (PWPG).

It seems he had been 'persuaded' to do so by the managing director of United Water.

The Mayor said: "After a brief discussion with Mike Smith from United Water, I am even more concerned at the possible ramifications under the Franchise Agreement that approving the resolution (for $500 grant) will have. As Mayor of Papakura it is my responsibility to protect the interests of Council and the people of Papakura. I therefore believe that the above resolution should be revoked".

After being asked by councillors what possible ramifications there could be, Mr Buist ducked and dived and was not able to quantify these.

Mr Buist is keen to address United Water's concerns when it flexes its muscles, but ignores the concerns of a large majority of Papakura residents who have been opposed to the franchise since its implementation.

He is mistaken by saying that PWPG is a political group. PWPG has no ties or links to any political organisation or group.

Who is Mr Buist representing, United Water or the people of Papakura who elected him? Why has he done a 180 degree turn on his mayoral election promises, promises to be open and honest? Can he be trusted?

Click here for United Water's letter leading to the above.