If we as people of Papakura do not allow United Water to make a profit for long enough, its share holders will cut their losses, sell up and go elsewhere with their investment.                         Back

Erode United Water’s profits through: 1) Minimise income

                                                             2) Maximise cost.

Below is a list of options to choose from:

  1. Cancel automatic payments to United Water. Why allow them to make a profit without any effort?

  2. Ring United Water and tell them you’ve lost their latest invoice. Can they please send a new one. Ask them to include a copy of their Customer Contract as well. Repeat as many times as you feel comfortable.

  3. Send United Water a change of postal address. Any relative’s or friend’s address will be fine. After two weeks send them another one, changing the address back to what it was before. Repeat as many times as you feel comfortable.

  4. Remove water meter box, fill in hole with dirt and grass (or concrete!) over. Make sure to keep box in a safe place to re-install once control of water services has gone back to council.

  5. Loosen pipe connections on both sides of water meter and rotate it so that the dial faces downward (shut valve next to water meter first to avoid getting sprayed). You have to be pretty clever to read the meter now!

  6. Put heavy object on top of water meter box. A large planter box or flower pot will enhance the look of your property and will keep the meter readers on their toes.

  7. Collect as many as possible ‘cut off’ notices from United Water. Have a competition amongst friends and family.

  8. Don’t pay the sewer charges part of your water bill, giving as reason that you do not agree with the 80% waste water rate. Use the bottom part of this page, fill in details and attach it your cheque(s). If United Water engages a debt collector (any fees incurred are United Water’s responsibility), send the debt collectors a letter stating that you are ‘in dispute’ with United Water. This will stop them pursuing the case and your credit rating will not be affected. Standard letters can be downloaded from this website. Remember that United Water has NO right to disconnect or restrict you when you have paid for your incoming water and not for your waste water.

  9. If you must pay for your water, do it in instalments, the smaller the better. Pay in person in cash (small coins preferred) at United Water’s office. Alternatively, pay by sending in two or more cheques.

  10. An array of other suggestions has been made as well, such as: gluing down the water meter lid or sanding the water meter glass so that reading the meter becomes impossible. Regretfully we cannot advocate these options as they could cause damage to the meters. Nevertheless, it is everyone’s own choice on how to support our cause and it is up to United Water to prove who is responsible, should any damage occur!



Not only is it more fun if you organise a group of people to do the above collectively, it will also make you feel more relaxed in ignoring the threatening letters that United Water undoubtedly will send you. Beware when visiting United Water's office. We have accounts from members of the public being verbally abused by United Water staff! Try do all communications in writing.


To United Water:

I refuse to pay the sewer charges part of my water bill, because I do not agree with the rate of 80% that is used to calculate my waste water discharge. I am convinced that my waste water generation is considerably lower than 80% of my water usage. I also give notice in case United Water engages the services of a debt collection agency, that any additional costs resulting from this, will be entirely United Water’s responsibility.

Date: ……….….……. Name: ………...………………………………….. Signature: ……………...……..…………