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After not paying your water bill, United Water might either cut off or restrict your water, or they might opt to engage a debt collection agency to try to pressure you into paying. If this happens, the following letter can be send to the debt collection agency. It will tell them that you are 'in dispute' with United Water and stop them from pursuing the case any further.

Your credit rating will remain unaffected!

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(insert today’s date)

Debt Collectors
PO Box [insert particulars]

By Registered Mail

Dear Sir or Madam,
Re: United Water Ltd. Invoice/s.

I refer to your letter/s of {insert date/s}. I, in turn, refer to my letter/s {insert date/s} to United Water Ltd. {delete if not applicable}

Please stand advised that I dispute any/all liability in respect of the above invoice/s.

I formally request that the dispute be referred to the Disputes Tribunal at the closest District Court for hearing and determination; and that you desist any further contact with me. Please also treat this letter as formal notice to you and your agents under section 4 of the trespass act 1980 as being warning to stay off the property I am occupying. I reserve my right to provide the police with a copy of this notice and also reserve my rights under the Harassment Act 1997.

Should proceedings be filed in the District Court they will be vigorously defended and I shall make an immediate application {note the amount of quantum involved} for proceedings to be transferred to the Disputes Tribunal as requested above. I shall use this correspondence in support for any costs against you on any such application.

I further request that pursuant to the privacy act 1993 that you update your records and database to take into account my advice and in particular, that any/all liability for the alleged debit is disputed. You will be aware that I am entitled, under the privacy Act, to have access to and correction of this personal information.

I reserve my position in full, including the right to comment further about this matter.

Yours faithfully,                                                 Back